I-Team: Radio transmissions between officers and suspect in police car theft

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Springfield police arrested Mike Kopeski after they say he drove around in a stolen police car for more than 20 minutes early Thursday morning.  The 27 year old Kopeski was talking to the police through the radio in the car during their pursuit.  The 22News I-Team listened to the radio chatter between the police and Kopeski and the transcript is below.

According to Springfield Police Sgt. John Delaney, Officers Shelley Whitley and Christopher Roberts were called to a home on Laurelton Street at around 4:00 A.M. for a report of a disturbance. When they got there, they found a woman who said that she wanted Kopeski, her boyfriend, out of her house. Kopeski cooperated, but then allegedly told police he wanted to go back inside to “get his stuff.” When the police told him that he could not do so, he became enraged; calling the officers “pigs” before spitting on their cruiser and threatening to take it.

Delaney says the officers engaged the automatic lock on the cruiser doors, but the door opened anyway when Kopeski yanked on the handle. He began driving away, but Whitley managed to get the passenger door open and used pepper spray, though it had no effect and Kopeski managed to make a getaway.

Delaney told 22News the keys were left in the car and the car did not have GPS installed on its car, making it more difficult to track. The transcript below spanned close to 25 minutes.

POLICE: Can we get another car here, we had a guy hop into our crusier and he’s heading down…

POLICE: Did they say the subject took the cruiser?

POLICE: That’s correct

POLICE: He’s headed North towards State Street, inaudible, we’re on foot.

KOPESKI: Sir, I’m talking to you right now, I’m not doing anything wrong with the car.

POLICE: Okay, why don’t you pull over and try to give me a location where you are and we can the officers assist you there.

KOPESKI: I’ll bring the car right back to the lady, you know what I mean, I don’t want no problems you guys maced me and all that stuff, what’s the real problem here?

POLICE: Okay sir, just do me a favor and turn that cruiser around and go back to the original location that you had it and meet up with the officers, we’re going to have a supervisor on…

KOPESKI: Inaudible, crazy can you tell them to stop.

POLICE: Sir just listen to me, take that cruiser back or allow the other cruiser there next to you to assist you there.

KOPESKI: Okay sir, over.

POLICE: You’re doing a good job, just turn that car around and get back to that location. The officers will assist you there.

KOPESKI: Sir, can you please talk to me calmly.

POLICE: We’re going to have a supervisor on scene, just go back to that location where you got the cruiser.

KOPESKI: Inaudible

POLICE: Where are you right now, what’s your location?

KOPESKI: I’m over here on Boston Road, tell them not to crash into me. Inaudible

POLICE: Allright, bring that cruiser to a stop, and stay right there and wait for the officers to assist you.

KOPESKI: Sir, I want to talk to a real cop, and not have mace on me please, like what the hell man? I had to open up the window and stuff this is crazy.

POLICE: Okay, again, just bring that car to a safe stop and wait for the officers to assist you there.

KOPESKI: No, because I’m going to get arrested man.

POLICE: For the safety of you…

KOPESKI: Sir, for the safety of me please can we just talk it out. I’m not a bad person, I didn’t do nothing wrong, I’m not assaulting anybody, the officers came at me and sprayed me with pepper spray and I can smell it in the car. What the heck man?

KOPESKI: Hello, hello, hello sir.

POLICE: What’s your name?

KOPESKI: Sir, my name is irrelevant over this intercom.

POLICE: What’s your first name so we can address you?

KOPESKI: Just address me as sir.

POLICE: This is a supervisor talking to you sir, why don’t you stop somewhere away from the other cops where you feel comfortable and we can speak to you there in person.

POLICE: You tell me where you’re going to stop and we’ll be right there.

KOPESKI: Is this a supervisor or anything?

POLICE: Yes, this is a Sergeant.

KOPESKI: I just want my bottle from this girl’s house man, you know what I mean?

POLICE: Where’s that at sir? One of the sergeants will meet you there.

KOPESKI: Can you tell them to chill out?

POLICE: Where are you so we can meet you, you didn’t stop at the original spot with the other officers.

POLICE: Tell me where you are and we can speak in person.

KOPESKI: Sir, I’m talking to the guy who just responded to me, why are you being rude?

POLICE: All officers, 903, all officers 903

KOPESKI: Code 903, inaudible. There’s nothing wrong.

POLICE: Okay, sir listen. If you would pick a spot, we’ll have all the other officers stand down and one of the supervisors will meet you at that spot, just pick somewhere.

KOPESKI: Annnnddddd, why?

POLICE: As we said sir, for your safety and the safety of everyone involved, it would be easier if one of the sergeants met you and we’ll talk about this.

KOPESKI: Yea, because this pepper spray is really bothering me and getting into my eyes and I’m driving and it’s bothering me.

POLICE: You shouldn’t be driving at this time after you’ve been sprayed so where you, just pull over and tell me where you are.

KOPESKI: Sir, I’m just inaudible, can you please just work with me.

POLICE: We’re trying to work with you, just tell me where you are, so I can meet you and we’ll talk.

KOPESKI: Why do we have to create a problem man, look it, now somebody doesn’t have a car, what the hell?

KOPESKI: Sir, hello?

POLICE: I’m here sir, waiting for you to give me a location so we can meet and talk about this.

KOPESKI: Sir, come on man, I don’t want no problems please.

POLICE: Okay pull over, we’ll talk about it and we’ll figure this out.

KOPESKI: There is no figuring out at this point, there’s already too many problems created on my end, I’m sorry, over.

POLICE: What you’re doing right now is not helping the situation. I’m trying to help you to figure out a way out of this.

KOPESKI: Same here, man. Come on you guys, why do you guys always do this to me, you guys know me.

KOPESKI: Hello, over.

KOPESKI: Is officer inaudible here.

KOPESKI: Sir, why can’t I even buckle up in your car, you guys got the seatbelt back, what the heck man?

KOPESKI: Hello, anybody there over?

POLICE: This is “name omitted” who am I talking to.

KOPESKI: “Name omitted” this is Kopeski over.

POLICE: To who?

KOPESKI: Kopeski!

POLICE: Allright, do me a favor, pull over and we’ll meet somewhere.

KOPESKI: Who am I speaking with Kelleher who?

POLICE:  “Name omitted”

KOPESKI: “Name omitted” what color is your hair?

POLICE: We went to Cathedral, blonde hair. Pull somewhere over and we’ll meet.

KOPESKI: Blonde hair,

POLICE: Yup you got it its me.

POLICE: Why don’t you pull over somewhere, give me your location and I’ll come talk to you.

KOPESKI: 10-4 to the last coordinates, you just saw me.

POLICE: Say that again Mike, where are you?

KOPESKI: I said 10-4 to the last coordinates you last saw me at.  When the last time I saw you kid.

POLICE: Allright

KOPESKI: Roger that.

KOPESKI: You don’t get bored working this shift? “Name omitted”. “name omitted” you’re boring me man, I’m going to look for crime.

POLICE: What’s that go again for “name omitted”.

KOPESKI: “Name omitted” I’m going to look for crime.

POLICE: Just stay where you’re at.

KOPESKI: You guys don’t even know where I am.

KOPESKI: Can I go through the inaudible on Tapley.

POLICE: Okay where you at now?

KOPESKI: Inaudible…

POLICE: Like I said why don’t you pick a spot and we can meet somewhere.

KOPESKI: I see you guys right there man.

POLICE: Mike, where you at, so I can head your way.

KOPESKI: Heading towards you “name omitted”

POLICE: Where am I at?

KOPESKI: “Name omitted”, you’re right where you should be.

KOPESKI: Hopefully you don’t go on facebook while you’re talking on this f****** intercom.

POLICE: Where you at Mike?

KOPESKI: I’m about there, where are you?

KOPESKI: Hey how do you change the radio in here? The channel.

POLICE: All we use is that channel 1.

KOPESKI: I’m talking for the tuneage, man. Not for communicate.

POLICE: What’s your location Mike?

KOPESKI: Berkshire and inaudible, over.

POLICE: Allright I’ll be right there.

KOPESKI: Noooooo, I’m right here right now, where are you?

POLICE: Are you stopped at Berkshire and inaudible, I’ll come I’ll head that way right now.

KOPESKI: That’s a negative.

POLICE: Why don’t you stop over there, I’ll come talk to you.

KOPESKI: Pull in right there, no not up there, man. That’s too far. Meet on a common ground. Tony, over.

KOPESKI: That guy tried to approach me all crazy, what’s up with that over?

KOPESKI: Sir, don’t drive crazy. Sir don’t drive crazy please.

POLICE: Dispatch, all cars, disregard inaudible, we have plenty of cars on him.

POLICE: So the K-9, made contact with the vehicle standby.

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