Terrorists’ most dangerous weapon is social media

(CNN) – Investigators say ISIS is reaching into American homes to find their newest recruits and their next victims. Of all the weapons used by terrorists one of the most dangerous is social media.

Michael Steinbach, FBI said, “They’re using it successfully to spot, assess, identify, target folks outside of war zones. They’re using it in Europe and they’re using it in the United States.  We’ve seen across the globe kids as young as 13 recruited by ISIS.”

“What we’ve seen is individuals in Syria reaching directly into the united states, starting in public chats on different social media platforms and then moving to private chats, where they continue to recruit, inspire and then cause individuals either to travel overseas or, even worse, to conduct an attack here in the United States,” Steinbach continued.

Michael Steinbach, the head of the FBIs counterterrorism division says ISIS is also using facebook and twitter to identify potential American victims.

“There certainly is intelligence indicating that foreign terrorist organizations are using social media not only to spot and assess, but select targets. Targeting the military, targeting law enforcement, targeting government officials,” said Steinbach.

That threat led the FBI to issue a string of warnings, urging U.S. Government employees to scrub their social media profiles of any information terrorists could use to find them.

“That’s the trick of law enforcement and that’s the trick of the U.S. Intelligence community, to work through that using data, using strong analytical skills. But it’s a full-time job and it’s a challenge,” Steinbach continued.

There’s something else.  The FBI says ISIS uses social media to recruit people with sophisticated and specific skills, like engineers and accountants.  If successful, those people would run the business end of their caliphate.

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