Gentle “C” reduces trauma of C-section

One Boston hospital is trying to change the cesarean

(CNN) – Monique was unable to have a natural birth for medical reasons, but she was able to experience what some say might be the next best thing, “the gentle c”.

“It is a surgical procedure which requires certain surgical techniques, but there are modifications of a traditional surgical procedure that we can do to make this a more family-patient centered experience.  Basically a better experience for the patient,” said Dr. William Camann.

For example, Monique listened to calming music, held her husband’s hand and enjoyed aromatherapy during her section. And thru a clear plastic drape, parents watch the birth of their child, something not possible with traditional c-sections.

“There’s no greater sound than that first birth cry, that wonderful wah-wah-wah.  It fills your whole body with joy and to actually see the birth makes it complete,” said Monique Reese.

Other modifications, one arm is left free and the mother’s chest is cleared of monitors so the baby can go skin to skin within minutes-increasing the likelihood of successful breastfeeding and helping to regulate baby’s heart rate, respirations and temperature.

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