ErgieShovel: Shoveling made easier

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  – With all the snow we’ve been getting this winter, shoveling it all can really take a toll on your back and your body! Ralph Thresher shared more about his creation, the ErgieShovel, and how it can make shoveling a whole lot easier.

ErgieShovel: Shoveling made easier

Blade Configurations Available:
20″ with a metal edge wear strip
18″ with or without a wear strip

Available at the Following Locations:
All of the 29 O’Connell Convenience Plus stores throughout Western MA, Westfield Feed and Westfield Equipment
Gateway Feed and Pet in Huntington
The Becket Country Store in Becket
Decoteau’s Auto in Russell
The Batters Box in Westfield
Center Hardware in Barrington, RI
Dresser-Hull Lumber CO in Lee
Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament in Westfield
United Methodist Church in Enfield

Demonstration at Rocky’s
Saturday, February 7th
10 Springfield Street, Agawam

To learn more call (413) 478-5228, send an email to or visit

Promotional consideration provided by the ErgieShovel.

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