Dog credited with saving his human family from Wilbraham fire

Finn is a 5-year-old Welsh Terrier

WILBRAHAM, Mass. (WWLP) – Finn is a 5-year-old Welsh Terrier. Ever since he was just a few months old, he’s always been an important member of Christian and Katie Lund’s family.

Katie Lund told 22News “He’s the best dog. I’ve always grown up with dogs, but he’s the best dog I’ve had.”

Christian and Katie told 22News Finn’s never really barked a lot in their Wilbraham home.

Christian said “He sleeps in the living room, and he’s not, he’s not really a vocal dog.”

But early Thursday morning was different. They woke up to Finn’s frantic barking and growling.

Katie said, “Yeah, that’s what concerned me because I heard some noises outside. I was kind of tired and ignoring them. And then I heard him start growling and barking and he wasn’t stopping. So I just ran out of my room at that point.”

Their garage, that’s partially attached to the home, had caught fire.

“I could see nothing except for huge flames. It was all orange. The windows were orange. We thought we were going to die. It was really scary,” Christian told 22News.

There were working smoke detectors inside the home, but by the time those went off, it would’ve been too late for everyone to get out safely.

Katie said “Thank God yeah. He’s a good guard dog.”

Christian said “He saved us. He honestly did.”

The garage is a total loss. The main part of the home sustained smoke damage. Katie and Christian are now working with the fire department to get the repair process started.

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