Dispatcher tells 911 caller to “stop whining”

The caller had just seen her father get hit by a car

(CNN) – “Stop whining;” that’s what a 911 dispatcher had to say to a distraught teenager who called after witnessing a vehicle run down her father. That 911 dispatcher won’t be taking any more emergency calls for a while. He’s been disciplined for the way he talked to a traumatized teenager.

A girl who just watched her father and his fiancé get hit by a car on 295 north and who was now watching her dad lay dying on the side of the road.  Anne Arundel County fire officials are investigating. Capt. Russ Davies said, “We think the dispatcher, in his effort to ascertain information from the caller, used a poor choice of words.”

A “poor choice” which Captain Russ Davies says got the operator pulled off the phones. “As a result of this, the dispatcher has been moved to a position in the department where he will not have contact with the public,” Capt. Davies continued.

First responders did eventually get to that crash on the Baltimore Washington parkway near 198 by tracking the teen’s cell phone. What they have yet to find, the car and its hit-and-run driver that killed the girl’s father.

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