Prevent a small kitchen mishap from destroying your home

Keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Your kitchen can be a dangerous place, especially during winter months. From boiling water to burning grease to malfunctioning appliances, even a small mishap in a kitchen can cause serious damage and injury.

Spilling hot liquids is a leading cause of burn injury to children under five In Massachusetts, and don’t ever keep your oven on for extra warmth.

West Springfield Fire Lt. Andrew Lyne told 22News, “Using a stove or an oven to heat is against the law. It’s going to call for more power, call for more power and overheat itself, cause a fire.”

Keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen, and know what to do if something does catch fire.

Jay Young from Rocky’s in Agawam said, “Grease fires; it’s best to have it under the cabinet or somewhere you can grab it. Or just to get to the fire, if you got it in a pan, take it off the stove. If you have the cover, put it right on the top to stifle the fire.”

If you already have a fire extinguisher at home, look at the label to see what types of fires it can put out. For example, one is best suited for your garage, and having the B and C rating, but not the A rating. Another one is meant for other parts of your house and your kitchen.

Class A puts out paper and wood fires. Class B can be used for grease, oil or gasoline fires. And Class C is for electrical equipment, such as appliances, circuit breakers and outlets. Click Here for info on how to buy a fire extinguisher.

You should never use water on electric or grease fires. Click Here for some tips on what you should do if you suffer a minor burn.

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