High snow banks are a hazard for WMass drivers

These snow banks could last for weeks

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Snow banks are becoming a safety hazard for many residents on the road all over western Massachusetts. They can seriously reduce your visibility.

Lisa Torres of Springfield told 22News, “You’re trying to pull out of a street, I actually live right nearby. You have to pull out far, and you pull out too far you could get hit by a car. So it’s pretty dangerous.”

Some of these snow banks in Springfield are twice if not three times the height of your vehicle, especially at the intersection of Main and Congress streets in Springfield. 22News strapped a camera to the car window to demonstrate how much snow banks can reduce your visibility. Just when you think it’s safe to turn, you find out fast that it’s not.

Mike Ashey of Springfield said, “They’re real large and you can’t see when you’re trying to come out of a side street so you have to inch your way out. It’s very dangerous. So the city needs to take action.”

According to Mario Mazza, the Asst. Deputy of Operations at Springfield’s DPW, the City is doing everything possible to keep streets safe. He said, “I mean obviously we’re doing the best we can to knock them down but even if we work from now until spring we wouldn’t get them all. So we rely a lot on Mother Nature.”

However, Mazza said if temperatures stay low, snow banks like these could last for weeks. If you come across a dangerous snow bank, you can call it in to 3-1-1 or call your DPW at (413) 787-6260.

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