Friends build igloo in their front yard

WEATHERSFIELD, Conn. (CNN) – Making the best of the cold Connecticut weather, a couple of friends decided to make an igloo.

Meet Maggie and Matt, designers, architects and builders of this. Yep, it’s an igloo!!

Maggie Downie, igloo builder said, “A friend had sent me a link of this guy from Canada who did it with his family.”

The planning for their Wethersfield, Connecticut igloo started last year.  For months they collected the five hundred plus milk cartons necessary to create the icy building blocks for this colorful ice dome.

Last week, with temperatures diving, they began filling up those cartons with water and the extra ingredients needed to give the igloo its stained glass look.

They lined them up outside so they’d harden up.  Neighbors volunteered their freezers when certain cartons didn’t get cold enough.

And then on super bowl Sunday, construction began. Brick after colorful brick carefully laid down, cemented with a snowy mix.

Matt Atwater, igloo builder said, “I had a five gallon bucket of water and then you would fill the water with snow and the snow would kind of melt into it and make sort of a slurry, like a slush. And then you could take the slush and sort of slap it on top of the bricks.”

Within hours, their front yard went from this, to this. The final ice bricks went in last night and people are already dropping by to check it out, like cam partridge and his sister Nicole. This is the first time cam has seen an igloo and it’s also the first time they’ve been in a real igloo.

Maggie says while she probably won’t attempt another igloo next year, seeing how people react.

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