Berkshire East seeing increased ski traffic

CHARLEMONT, Mass. (WWLP) – This week’s snow storm was just what skiers and snowboarders were hoping for. There were hundreds of cars in the parking lot Wednesday afternoon at Berkshire East and lots of families taking the opportunity to enjoy nearly perfect conditions or to learn how to ski.

Berkshire East got about 8 inches of snow from the storm earlier this week and has been able to open all of their trails for the season. Before last week’s snow storm, the only trails that were open were those with man-made snow; now, natural trails are open too.

Skiers on the slopes told 22News that conditions are better now compared to how they were after the first snow storm. “This is my best day here so far this year because we haven’t gotten anything,” Cameron Shaw said. “This is like the first major storm. We got passed over last week by Juno and everyone was really mad, but no we’ve got this and conditions are great.”

Berkshire East gets about 110 inches of snowfall each year and they are expecting to end their season in March and skiers told 22News that they are looking forward to any more potential snowfall over the weekend.

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