Springfield snow covered sidewalks and safety

Police normally start issuing 50 dollar tickets

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s not just about clearing a path for those that don’t want to get their paws wet, it’s a safety issue.

Tawana Gresham’s two sons have autism. One is in a wheelchair, and the other has difficulty walking. She called Springfield Code Enforcement because she says the stairs and sidewalk to her apartment are still snow covered and slippery.

“My son isn’t going into school again because there’s no clearing there’s no way the bus will be able to get them and I asked them could you please document this for me and they was like yes. And I said this doesn’t make any sense. My son is missing school for something so simple.”

Springfield Police normally start issuing 50 dollar tickets to people that don’t shovel their sidewalks 24 hours after a snow storm, but after the recent storm they’re going to start on Wednesday. They say most of the time violators are reported by concerned neighbors or are repeat offenders.

William Szulc did what he could clearing a path down the sidewalk for his neighbors. He said, “If you do have a house I think the sidewalks should definitely be shoveled right away. And I agree with the police.  If a ticket is where it got to go than people need to understand it needs to get done regardless.”

The Springfield Police Ordinance Squad has already written more than one hundred tickets for unshoveled sidewalks this winter, and again on Wednesaday, they are expected to start writing more.

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