Residents voting Tuesday on Longmeadow Shops expansion

First vote came just short of 2/3rds majority needed

LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – Longmeadow residents will have another chance to decide on a proposal to expand the Longmeadow Shops, months after the proposal came short of the votes needed to move forward.

Steven Walker, one of the owners told 22News part of the expansion would include changes to the dead end parking isles that are currently there, as well as make improvements to pedestrian safety.

Getting the permission to re-zone the land from residential to commercial was delayed in November, when Longmeadow residents rejected the zone change by a very small margin.

But shortly after that vote, two problems were realized, according to Town Manager Stephen Crane.

The first, a section of the voters in the room were never counted. Also it wasn’t clear whether the hand held clicker used to count those votes was ever reset between the yeses and the no’s.

“The town meeting is our legislative process, and when we encountered a flaw in the legislative process we felt the only fair and honorable thing to do was to recommend a special town meeting to rectify that,” Crane said.

Now, residents can vote again in a special town meeting at the Longmeadow High school, Tuesday night at 7 P.M.

“Well we’re appreciative that they’re having the vote. Very thankful that we have another opportunity here, you know we’ve worked very very hard, we’ve got a lot of supporters. We have a very good plan in place that we feel is really going to improve the shopping experience for the people from Longmeadow,” Walker said.

If the expansion happened, property owner Steven Walker also said, they will end up paying roughly $100,000 in property taxes every year.

The expansion plan calls for a new 21,000 square-foot building to be constructed on the land between the existing plaza and the First Church of Christ, Scientist. This building would consist of three retail spaces, including a drive-through pharmacy.

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