Owl rescued from chimney

Owl Rescued From Chimney
"Smokey" the owl is recovering after becoming stuck in a Virginia home's chimney.

(WWBT) A federally protected owl is in the care of a Chesterfield, Virginia animal recovery center after a Richmond man found the bird stuck inside his chimney.

It took a professional company to come to the bird’s rescue and get him the critical medical attention he needs.

It’s been a long few days for the special barred owl, but because the man who found him was able to think quickly, the owl has a fighting chance.

“One company suggested we open up a bottle of ammonia at the base of the chimney and have the bird fly out. Well, ammonia is hard on us to breathe. Imagine what that’s like for an owl or any bird,” said Melissa Stanley of the Richmond Wildlife Center.

After a few other calls, Stanley found Cougot’s Chimney Service, who rushed to the scene and used a net attached to a chimney pole to free Smokey.

“They put it all the way down the chimney and netted to the top of the bird’s head, and we were able to reach up under the chimney and pull the owl off of the ledge it was sitting on inside and he fell down,” Stanley said.

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