Measles outbreak continues

Measles Outbreak Continues

(KRNV) Health officials are investigating two suspected cases of the measles in Nevada’s Washoe county. It could be the first cases of the virus in more than a decade in the county.

One case is started at Spanish Spring Elementary, and the other at an undisclosed work place.

Local health professionals say the cases are a concern, but not a reason to panic. However un-vaccinated or immuno-compromised children are very susceptible to the virus.

Starting at 5PM: Vaccinate children study
68% of US adults say childhood vaccinations should be required. While 30% say parents should be able to decide. Among all age groups, young adults are more likely to say vaccinating children should be a parental choice. Politicians also now getting involved.

22News Reporter David McKay will have the full report tonight on 22News.

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