Feeding a family of 4 on a budget

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Feeding a family of four on a budget is often easier said than done! Erin Rose is a local mom and couponer and shared money saving tips.

Saving Money on Groceries for a Family of 4

Make a menu plan – This is highly important because if you don’t you are going to be running to the store last minute to pick up something for dinner or something that you didn’t have on hand! So be prepared with a weekly or monthly meal plan.

Shop Circulars – Base your meal plans on what’s on sale that week. I wait for my circular to come out on Thursday, and then I make a menu plan for the following week based on what the sales are. I make an organized list as to what ingredients I am going to need for each meal and shop based on that.

Buy Meat in Bulk and Freeze – I buy my meat all in bulk, I take it home and portion it out in bags and containers based on the amount I would need for each meal.

Stretch Meat by Adding to it – We all know meat is pricey, and even buying in bulk can be expensive still, so when you have a lot of mouths to feed I add things to my meat dishes to stretch them. Veggies and beans are a great addition, example: Taco meat, seasoning, diced tomatoes and black beans. My taco meat goes so much further in one meal plus leftovers that can be used on salad for lunch or burritos, etc.

Stock up on Staples – Staples are essential to any household when you are cooking for a family. When you find a great deal STOCK UP! Sometimes we don’t always have a lot of time or extra money, but when you’ve got things like pasta, sauces, chicken broths, cheese and multiple other staples it’s really easy to whip up a quick meal of homemade macaroni & cheese, pasta with marinara, or soup etc. The options are endless!

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