Earned Income Tax Credit hasn’t been adjusted in 15yrs

Thousands of people who qualify fail to file for it

BOSTON (WWLP) – A handful of state lawmakers hope to expand Massachusetts’ Earned Income Tax Credit, which they say will give struggling families a leg up.

The Earned Income Tax Credit is adjusted based on income and family size. It helps working families who make low wages by reducing the amount of taxes they owe.

Four Democratic state lawmakers are pushing a bill that would expand the state’s Earned Income Tax Credit from 15 percent of the federal system to fifty percent if passed into law. The credit hasn’t been adjusted in 15 years, despite the rising cost of living in Massachusetts.

Pittsfield State Senator Ben Downing is backing the bill and told 22News it could help families pay the mortgage and afford health care. He said, “Too many people who are working forty, fifty, sixty hours a week can’t live above the poverty line. This is about making sure that if you’re working hard and playing by the rules that you live above that poverty line that can provide a quality life for your family.”

State lawmakers hope the bill will raise awareness because thousands of people who qualify for an Earned Income Tax Credit fail to file for it.

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