Clearing snow can be complicated in Northampton

DPW crews clear the piles in twelve-hour overnight shifts

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Shoveling, snow blowing, and waiting for warmer weather is the only thing many Northampton residents like Amy Henry can do while massive piles of snow bury their properties.

“It makes it difficult getting out of the driveway it becomes narrower, and narrower because there’s only so many places you can put the snow so, it’s not going to melt. Look at that bank going no where. We’ll have until the end of March,” she said.

Ed Lennihan used to live on the same street as Amy, and shared the same concern, finding a place to put all of that snow. “For years I didn’t have a snow blower when I lived on Perkins Avenue so I’d have to shovel it. The street is so close to the sidewalk which is so close to the property line so when the city plows it’s difficult to do snow removal,” he said.

When Lennihan lived on Perkins Ave. he said he had to clear his driveway and sidewalk by shoveling snow over a six-foot tall fence, a task that could take hours depending on the storm.

Gigantic snow banks are also creating trouble for drivers. Northampton’s DPW has plowed city roads, but a lot of that snow is piled six feet high, right down the middle of Main Street.

Northampton resident Lucia Cannavo told 22News they’re so high from Monday’s storm that she’s nervous to drive. “I think it’s a problem for pedestrians in the street because you can’t really see if a pedestrians on the opposite side of the street. I mean right now, they’re five, six, seven feet,” she said.

Mayor Narkewicz told 22News the city has to be strategic about when to clear the snow piles off of Main Street and near intersections. Since it could snow again later in the week, they might not be able to do so until the forecast is clear.

He also said DPW crews clear the piles in twelve-hour overnight shifts, which means for safety reasons, they can’t have the same workers clearing streets two nights in a row.

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