Battling pain during pregnancy

Battling Pain During Pregnancy
Natural changes in the body can make pregnancy uncomfortable, but drug-free relief is possible.

LAKE CHARLES, Louisiana (KPLC) Three in four women report experiencing significant pain during pregnancy. Couple that with most medications being off-limits, and those nine months can suck away the pregnancy glow.

It has been seven months since Makinzy Fontenot welcomed baby number two, and she is doing everything she can to remain pain-free after a once rocky time during her pregnancy.

“I bent down to pick up my 2-year-old and felt a sharp shooting pain on my right hip that would go all the way down to my right toe,” she said, “it was so bad that I was limping.”

Hip and back pain is something that also brought mother of 2 and 6 months pregnant Rachael Trahan to see Dr. Laurie Baynard with Lake Charles Chiropractic.

“It was just very painful and by the end of the day I didn’t want to do anything but put ice on my hip and then sit down and rest,” said Trahan.

Dr. Baynard has a certification in pregnancy chiropractic care. She says pain is very common in pregnant women and oftentimes shift the excitement of a new addition to surviving each trimester.

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