The state is holding billions of dollars in unclaimed property

Find out why the state isn't cashing in and how you can search to see if you have hidden money.

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CHICOPEE, Mass (WWLP) – You may have seen the commercials and even gone to the Massachusetts State Treasurer’s website: there’s about $2 billion of our money that the state is holding onto waiting for someone to claim it.

In today’s economy every penny counts and the state is trying to find ways to make ends meet as well.

The 22News I-Team discovered that just about every local and state agency has some unclaimed money.  The amount may surprise you.  We find out why no one’s claimed it.

Also, we found that you may be owed money, but you may not find your name on the state’s website when you search.  The 22News I-Team helps reconnect some western Massachusetts people to the money they’re owed who didn’t even know it.

See the 22News I-Team special two-part report on Unclaimed Property, tonight, February 4 on 22News at 6pm and 11pm.

ARE YOU OWED MONEY FROM THE STATE? Find out from Massachusetts Treasury

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