Mom and baby booted from flight

Mom And Baby Booted From Flight
Mother outraged after being removed from Frontier Airlines flight for refusing to remove fussy infant from body carrier.

(WMC) Rude, loud, and downright disrespectful is how new mom Nicki Gazlay says a flight attendant with Frontier Airlines spoke to her this past Wednesday.

Gazlay says that while boarding a connector flight from Denver to Memphis, the flight attendant demanded she remove her five-month-old son from his Ergo Baby carrier, something she says she didn’t have to do on her previous Frontier Flight.

“No one said a thing to me and that’s the same airlines,” said Gazlay.

Gazlay says she questioned why as she worked to get settled in her seat, but after getting her baby settled and out of his carrier, the flight attendant asked her again to comply with the rule.

“Of course I am going to comply, I’m going to do whatever you say because you are the queen of this airplane. She then says, ‘You’re off'”,” said Gazlay.

Nicki was then forced to buy another flight with another airlines.

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