Keeping your smartphone safe in winter weather

Smartphone users may begin to encounter difficulty when weather turns chilly

(CNN) – Parts of the Northeast and Midwest have had more than their share of winter weather recently, but the cold weather is far from over. You may have noticed your mobile phone behaves differently in chilly temperatures.

A lot of us use our smartphones on the go, outdoors, and in the cold weather, and we may encounter some difficulties when temperatures get chilly.

First, protect your smartphone from the cold. Don’t leave it in a parked car for an extended period of time, for example. Some smartphone users will notice that exposure to cold drains a phone’s battery faster than usual, or a battery appears to have plenty of juice, but suddenly your screen goes dim or black.

If a phone shuts down due to the cold, don’t try to restart right away. Allow that phone some time to warm up before you try to power up and use it again, to avoid battery damage.

Touch screens will also be more sensitive in the cold, which doesn’t match well with wearing winter gloves. You might consider a stylus or touch screen gloves if you need to do work that requires precision on a smartphone or tablet.

And be mindful those smartphone screens can also be more susceptible to scratches in the cold weather, especially if they’re already cracked.

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