Drivers slowed by snow, slippery conditions

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)– Before the sun came up Monday, snow plows were out making laps. By dawn, drivers and even some plow truck drivers were having trouble getting around many side streets the snow had quickly piled up on.

Luigi Liquori, a private contractor plow driver from East Longmeadow, told 22News he was also having issues out on many side streets. “I have four wheel drive and I’m having a hard time. Sometimes I’m having to plow myself out of the streets just to get to them,” Liquori said.

Rick Parent of Springfield told 22News his Monday drive was difficult. “Pretty rough! Pretty rough. It’s definitely a little slippery and there’s a lot of big piles of snow to maneuver through, but we live in New England so we’re pretty used to it I suppose.”

Throughout the morning, 22News crews saw several cars out on the roads slipping and sliding, and often getting stuck.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation warned drivers to use extra caution and asked for extra patience as they worked to clear the roads. By 8:00 Monday morning, MassDOT had 3,000 plow trucks out across the state, with more than 300 of those in Franklin, Hampshire, and Hampden Counties.

Some drivers in Springfield told 22News that they feel confident about their driving skills on snowy roads, but that other drivers tend to make them nervous.

“I don’t know, I get used to it now. I used to drive in this weather in Russia, so no big deal,” Nick Osmannsali of Springfield, said.

Anthony Serrano, of Springfield, told 22News, “I try to take my short cuts that I know that other people don’t travel, but if I have to be on the main roads I give everybody enough space and everything like that.”

Cities and towns ask that that you also give plows plenty of space to work by minding any parking bans in your community.

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