Driver fights $18,000 toll bill

Driver Fights $18,000 Toll Bill
Washington man mistakenly racks up $18,000 in bridge tolls and fines.

(KING) A Poulsbo, Washington man says he is still reeling from paying his son’s “Good To Go” toll bill, which amounted to more than $18,000.

Tom Rose says his son, who just got his first job, had been crossing the 520 bridge every day for work, and neglected to get a Good To Go pass.

“He thought he’d be bill later for it,” said Rose. “And the way the things were going, he was living hand to mouth. He thought he was picking the lesser of two evils. He could save up and pay for them later.”

Rose says his son never received a bill. He learned the total of what he owed when he tried to sell his car: more than $18,000. $1,360 in tolls, more than $16,000 in penalties.

When both father and son contacted the WSDOT’s Good To Go office, they say they were told they could try to go before an administrative judge, but it probably wouldn’t do them any good.

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