Cat frozen on flight

Cat Frozen On Flight
Cat breeder blames airline for death during shipment.

(KSHB) A Kansas City, Kansas cat breeder claims an airline mishandled a cat he was shipping after the cat arrived to its new family dead.

Tyson Guttenfelder and his partner began selling their hairless Sphynx cat’s kittens online for extra income. Purebred Sphynx cats are rare, and kittens commonly sell for as much as $1,500. They have sold more than a dozen.

In December, they arranged to send a 15-week-old kitten to Philadelphia to become the Christmas present and family pet for a mom and three children whose allergies prevented them from getting a furry feline.

Guttenfelder said the kitten as packed in an FAA-approved container, stocked with food and water, and handed off to Delta for travel as cargo.

“We just assumed that we would be hearing back in a couple of hours, in a few hours, about her arrival,” Guttenfelder said. “And we did hear back in a few hours, but it wasn’t about her happy arrival to the kids.”

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