Buried? How-to be a Snow Angel

Don’t just hibernate, learn how you can be a Snow Angel in your neighborhood.

Buried? How-to be a Snow Angel

Whether you call it the Super Storm or the Groundhog Day Dump, snow is once again blanketing many states across the country. The totals are tremendous in some places. Parts of Michigan saw 18 inches. New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island are once again expecting to see more than a foot of snow in places.

The heavy snow makes travel difficult for the average person. And, it makes it nearly impossible for some of those with disabilities. There are also many snowy sites that get missed when so many driveways and cars are buried. You can help by deciding to be a Snow Angel.

In snowy Michigan, there is a program called a “Shoveling Snow Angel,” but you don’t need a specific program to be one. Shoveling Snow Angels promise to:

  • Clear sidewalks and curbcuts
  • Clear fire hydrants
  • Clear bus stops
  • Clear storm drains ​

“Shoveling Snow Angels are – first and foremost – making sure their property is passable, especially for school children and people with mobility concerns,” said Dave Bulkowski of Disability Advocates of Kent County in Michigan. “But they also volunteer to clear snow from areas that may otherwise be missed.”

To be a Shoveling Snow Angel, you could also help by volunteering to:

  • Shovel unsheltered bus stops
  • Shovel someone else’s fire hydrant
  • Shovel another storm drain
  • Shovel another sidewalk and/or driveway of a neighbor who needs help due to age or disability​

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