Added security helps UMass keep the peace after Super Bowl

The campus imposed new restrictions this year to prevent a repeat of 2012's riot

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – UMass Amherst beefed up security after the Super Bowl to prevent bad behavior they’ve seen in the past.

22News was there Sunday night when hundreds of students stormed the Southwest Residential Complex, celebrating the Patriots victory. Most people in the crowd behaved themselves. One student was arrested and another was hurt.

The campus imposed new restrictions this year to prevent a repeat of 2012, when 13 students were arrested after the Patriots loss. State Police were standing by just in case.

Freshman Oshiomah Oyageshio told 22News, “I think the school has better restrictions now with the police and everything. They’ve been giving us warnings for like two weeks that we shouldn’t be doing things like this.”

“I think it was the win,” said Ryan Vibert, a senior. “I think it was, we won, people weren’t as upset. There wasn’t as much to riot about I guess.”

UMass issued a statement that said they believe their strategy worked: that restricting on-campus visitors, communicating with the students, and offering viewing parties across campus made a big difference.

The students cleared out when police asked them to around 11:30 Sunday night.

Many of the students told us they’re not sure things would have gone as smoothly if the Patriots didn’t win the Super Bowl.

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