Parents upset after sex offender allowed in school

(CNN) – A convicted sex offender is caught entering an elementary school to eat breakfast with his grand kids.

This mother doesn’t want to be identified; she has 2 young children who attend Etheridge Elementary in Lawrence County.

Thursday morning, the school held a special breakfast for kids and family members.

One of those who entered the school, Billy Gene Roberson, a convicted sex offender charged with sexual battery in 2003.

Roberson was stopped at the door and identified as a sex offender, thanks to Lawrence County’s new visitor management system called Raptor.

This mother is glad Roberson was identified, but she’s concerned that the principal allowed Roberson to eat with his grand kids, even under the watchful eyes of a school resource officer present in the cafeteria.

“The screen popped up and the principal checked it, and the SRO was notified to me that is very positive and it should make our parents aware that by identifying folks when they enter the building we are really taking steps to make their kids safe,” said Bill Health Lawrence county director of schools.

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