Laugh or Cry, Emotion Headlines Super Bowl Ads

This image provided by Nationwide shows a portion of the company's television ad featuring Mindy Kaling scheduled to run during Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday, Feb. 1, 2015. (AP Photo/Nationwide)

(WOOD) – Hilarity and heartbreak dominated the Super Bowl ads in 2015. Companies like Dove, and Nissan went after dad while Snickers and BMW tried to get us all to chuckle.

Halfway through the Big Game, here’s a few of the ads that will have everyone talking on Monday morning.

Budweiser “Lost Dog”:

“Just had to tear up on that Budweiser ad. They got me,” wrote Dawn Tongish on Twitter. Budweiser hit an emotional note with its commercial about a lost dog that finds its way home.

Bud Light “Up for Whatever”:

When a man at a bar agrees he is “up for whatever,” this ad has him playing a real life version of Pac Man. The commercial plays up the visuals as it harkens back to the classic video game.

Dove for Men:

A sensitive man who loves his family is a strong man. That’s Dove’s message in its Super Bowl ad. The commercial seemed to strike an emotional chord. “Dove Men Care – good job, until the voice over. That could have been done a little more seamless,” Tweeted Mindy Welch. A number of other commenters online agreed. The Dove ad was very emotional and at the end it tagged the spot with a very basic product shot and voice over line. The ending seemed to rub a lot of people the wrong way.

McDonald’s “Pay with Love”:

In this commercial, McDonald’s surprises customers by letting them pay with a little love. A mother is asked to talk about what she loves about her son. Another customer is asked to call his mom to tell her he loves her.

This powerful commercial addresses the difficult subject of domestic violence. It had people talking all week before the game since the ad leaked early online. It’s memorable and the message is clear.

Always “Like a Girl”:

The Always “Like a Girl” ad premiered months ago. However, the high visibility of the Super Bowl halftime show got people talking online. The commercial questions why the phrase “like a girl” seems to insult women when young girls don’t view the phrase that way at all.


Snickers went for the funny with a parody of the Brady Bunch. The spot made lots of people laugh out loud with a play on the famous “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha” line from the classic show.

BMW i3:

Do you remember when the Internet was a confusing concept? BMW does and so does Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric. The commercial used classic clips from the Today Show and new interview with the pair to introduce the i3 in its cars.

T-Mobile “Save the Data”:

Kim Kardashian makes fun of herself in this T-Mobile commercial. Kardashian is labeled in the commercial as “famous person” and insists that we must “save the data” in order to download lots of pictures of her life. “It’s that Easy”:

The site where you can build your own web site used retired football players to make its point. “It’s that easy” to start your own business online.

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