Why WMass got less snow than was forecast

Most of western Massachusetts picked up anywhere from 4 to 16 inches of snow.

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – For the eastern part of the state, our latest snowstorm ended up being a true blizzard. But for us here in the western part of the state, despite some blowing and drifting snow, accumulations were considerably lower than forecast.

The reason for that was the track of the storm.“It’s all to do with where the center of the storm developed about 75 to 100 mile east of where some of our more reliable computer models were putting it,” said 22News Storm Team Meteorologist Nick Bannin.

That kept the real heavy bands of snow just off to our east.

Most of western Massachusetts picked up anywhere from 4 to 16 inches of snow. That was less than what the 22News Storm Team was expecting but some weather sources along with the National Weather Service were calling for more than two feet of snow for parts of western Massachusetts.

Some people 22News talked to were not all that upset that the forecast wasn’t right on. “I think you folks do the very, very best that you can do. You’re dealing with mother nature and mother nature goes where she wants to go and sometimes it looks like she’s going to pulverize you and you’re looking at all the instruments and it doesn’t work out that way because she decided to go in another direction,” said Jack O’Donnell of Holyoke.

Just to show how close we were to the heavy snow, just 40 miles to the east of Springfield, Worcester recorded a record breaking 34.5 inches of snow.

If the heavy snow had moved just a little bit farther west we would have seen snow totals like that here in western Massachusetts.

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