Social media mistakes job searchers should avoid

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Is your social media a red flag to potential employers? Business and Career Coach Angela Lussier, shared common mistakes you need to avoid.

Social Media Presence; Understanding Your Online Footprint

1. Make sure you have a LinkedIn profile and COMPLETE it.; Add past jobs, a headline, a summary, and get 2+ recommendations
2. If there are photos of you on any social media profiles that you wouldn’t show in an interview, take them off and also change your settings to private to avoid problems.
3. Google yourself from someone else’s computer and see what comes up on ALL tabs (News, Images, Videos, etc). This is what the employer sees. Is this the image you want to portray?
4. Create a strong digital footprint by building content you WANT employers to see. Submit an article to a trade publication or a local news outlet. Get yourself published in reputable sources to show employers your expertise and reach.
5. Create a free website for yourself on or WordPress. You can post a portfolio, online resume, photos of your work, and personal statements. You’re in charge!

Finding Your Dream Job
1. Finding your passion
2. Strengths and weaknesses
3. How to get a promotion at work
4. Is business ownership for you?
5. The 5 biggest mistakes made on a resume/cover letter
6. Social media presence; understanding your online footprint
7. How to network
8. Searching/Applying for jobs 101
9. Interviewing 101; Important questions to ask
10. Dress for success; what you should and shouldn’t wear on a job interview

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