Sneak Peek: Super Bowl Ads

Sneak Peek: Super Bowl Ads
Only watching the Super Bowl for the ads?

(NBC News) For many, the ads have become one of the most eagerly anticipated things about the Super Bowl.

The going rate for a Super Bowl ad is nothing to sneeze at: More than $4 million for 30 seconds of air time.

“It’s a lot of money, but you have to consider that it’s the largest television audience of the entire year,” notes AdWeek’s James Cooper.

Well over 100 million viewers, and a stage that requires a very specific strategy.

Most adds seem to fall into one of three categories: Humor, heart strings and heat.

Another key factor is social media, where advertisers release teasers, or in some cases the entire spot, before the big game.

“The digital component of our Super Bowl campaign is more important now than the broadcast itself,” says Budweiser’s Brian Perkins. “We build campaigns for weeks and weeks building up to the Super Bowl, we take advantage of all of the hype.”

But that plan can backfire.

After an early release and backlash on the web, Go Daddy executives have decided to pulling their ad about a lost puppy who makes his way home, only to be sold.

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