Restaurants hoping to recover business lost in storm

Many businesses were closed during storm

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – After being cooped-up at home Tuesday, a lot of people are looking to get out Wednesday to return to work, do some errands, or get some food.

The owners of Memo’s Restaurant in West Springfield watched the forecast closely Monday and decided it was safer for employees and customers to remain closed during the storm. But for the restaurant industry, missing out on a day of business doesn’t mean people will eat double when they open back up. Owner Dominic Pompi told 22News that it all evens out, though.

“We cook fresh every day, so food-wise it doesn’t impact us because we didn’t prepare anything for Tuesday. I saved a little on payroll, a little on expenses. Take a little less profit,” Pompi said.

The worst of the storm happened during the hours in which Memo’s is usually busiest, so it just made sense to call it a snow day.

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