Owls vs. Eagles

Owls Vs. Eagles
Footage shows a pair of owls and a pair of eagles going talon-to-talon as they fight over a nest near Decorah, Iowa.

(KWWL) A pair of great horned owls are fighting to claim the nest built by a pair of bald eagles near Decorah, Iowa.

Their fights have been caught on a camera placed above the nest by researchers.

Bob Anderson, Director of the Raptor Research Project, said this is uncharted territory for them.

“This is the first time that it’s ever been documented that they’re trying to drive away a territorial pair,” Anderson said. “And only with the cameras would we know that.”

In the video, you can clearly see an owl perched in the eagle’s nest. It calls out, and moments later, is scared off by an eagle. Just seconds after that, another owl knocks the eagle off the nest.

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