Massachusetts insurance premiums raise the most

Massachusetts tops the list of states

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NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – A new insurance report shows that Massachusetts insurance premiums raise an average of 76% after just one claim.

Massachusetts tops the list of states where premiums raise the most.

We took the study to KSK Insurance in Easthampton. They told us the fast raising rates in Massachusetts may be a result of all the weather related accidents.

KSK told us an accident that doesn’t exceed your deductible won’t affect you, but that more expensive accident will.
How much you pay for insurance is determined by how many points you have against you, which is determined by how much the insurance company has to pay.

Travis Sias, Vice President, KSK Insurance Agency, told 22News, “Your insurance rate goes up based off of points. Points are assessed by dollar amount paid on claims. If it’s under $500 it doesn’t affect you. If it’s $500 to 1,999 its 3 points and if its $2,000 and over you get four points. That affects your insurance rate based on what kind of car you have and what kind of coverage you have.”

Sias says if you own an older car, the rise won’t be as much as a luxury car.

If you get into a weather related accident where you are at fault, Sias says you can file an appeal with your insurance company and if you win, the surcharge will come off your record.

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