Post storm mail delivery resumes on cleared mailbox paths

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)- Your mail should have been delivered Wednesday, if all the ice and snow had been cleared from the path the postal worker would take to get to your mailbox.

Tuesday was the second time in almost thirty years that some postal workers in western Massachusetts didn’t deliver the mail. But now it’s about making sure they stay safe and have a clear path to the mailbox.

Michael Dame has been delivering mail with the U.S. Postal Service for more than twenty years.

“Everybody wants their medicine or their Amazon packages.  You know everybody expects their bills on time and their W-2’s this time of year so everybody wants good mail service,” Dame said.

Mail service resumed, and Dame was back to work the day after Tuesday’s winter snow storm.  But surfaces can be slick and treacherous.

Instead of their mail, residents who have a blocked curbside mailbox or walkway will get a reminder in their mailbox asking them to clear the way so the letter carrier can do their job.

The snow around a curb side mailbox should be cleared so trucks can drive up and deposit mail into the box without exiting or backing up.  It’s also about protecting those that deliver on foot.

Dame told 22News, “You know they shovel but they don’t have the time to put the salt or sand down so you know you walk a little differently. You do more of a shuffle than a walk but you know you do what it takes to get the mail delivered.”

Dame said the majority of people do a good job and show their gratitude for mail delivery.

Jerry Jacobs, of Springfield said, “Well I think it’s a good idea to clean it up because hey, if they fall they get hurt.”

Click here to find information about mail service after a snow storm.

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