Machete attack caught on camera

It looks like a scene from the shining

Photo Courtesy: KIFI

(KIFI) – A man armed with a machete kicks down a door and it is caught on camera. On tape, the man admits he had one motive murder.

It looks like a scene from the shining. Dramatic new video is now revealing an attempted murder almost a year ago in Idaho that seems straight out of the script of a horror film.

James Cvengros heard screaming and saw breaking glass falling from the balcony of the apartment above his. He set up a video camera to document the chaos. Little did he know, it would spill into his own home.

Cvengros’ neighbor, Twain Thomas, intended to kill. His weapon? A machete.

Cvengros was prepared. He fired three shots hitting Thomas in the chest. Watch again. After just seven kicks and hacks, Thomas walks through Cvengros’ splintered front door. The video goes black, but what we can hear, is a muffled confession.

James Cvengros “Stay down twain, stay down. I didn’t want to do that! Why’d you do that man?”

Twain Thomas, “It hurts it hurts it hurts…”

James Cvengros “You were gonna kill me!”

Twain Thomas, “You’re right, I was.”

James Cvengro, “Well then, I did the right thing.”

Twain Thomas, “yeah, you did.”

Thomas’s attorney, Dave Martinez, told CNN the 55-year-old suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. He served in Germany during the gulf war and also suffered a brain injury during a car accident when he was 16. This month, an Idaho district court judge sentenced Thomas to as long as 15 years in prison. The court ruled Cvengros acted in self-defense.

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