Collision Course

Collision Course
President Obama is headed for a political collision course with the Republicans.

(NBC News) – In Washington, President Obama’s back from Saudi Arabia. Today he’s giving remarks at a goodbye event for Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

He stepped off Air Force One early this morning on a political collision course with Congress over that massive oil pipeline, immigration, healthcare, and college savings.

Before President Obama arrived at the White House early this morning, sources tell us top Democrat Nancy Pelosi was on Air Force One convincing him not to tax college savings plans.

The White House now confirms: he’s dropping that idea.

Key Democrats and Republicans agree, it would hurt the middle class. “We need opportunities to empower and reward folks for preparing for the future. But the President’s plan does just the opposite,” said Rep. Lynn Jenkins, (R) Kansas.

“It is another example of his outdated, top down approach,” said House Speaker John Boehner, (R) Ohio.

In private, House Speaker John Boehner told republicans he’s close to finalizing a plan to sue President Obama over immigration.

The Senate’s planning to deal with immigration – and Homeland Security funding – after they approve the Keystone Oil Pipeline. “The Keystone pipeline vote is about jobs, it’s about opportunity,” said Senator John Thune, (R) South Dakota.

And it’s going nowhere – the President has already promised a Veto. “I think we should do everything we can to persuade at least a half a dozen Democrats that they should join us to get this done,” said Senator Roy Blunt, (R) Missouri.

But Republicans’ immigration plan to beef up border security hit a snag – pulled before it ever came up for a vote.

Insiders say there weren’t enough Republicans were behind it. “When we are ready to move, we will,” said House Speaker John Boehner, (R) Ohio.

Next is Obamacare. The first vote by this new Congress to repeal the health law is expected to happen next week.

Getting rid of the health law – like the Keystone Pipeline – are expected to go nowhere because even if Republicans push them through, President Obama will never sign them.

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