Bradley International Airport flights back in the air

Bradley seemed to be less busy Wednesday morning than Monday morning

WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WWLP) – After looking like a ghost town throughout the storm Tuesday, Bradley International Airport was back in business early Wednesday.

Kurt Forsman, who had a canceled flight on Tuesday, told 22News, “I was planning to get to St Louis. I had a meeting to go to. Everything was cancelled. I kept watching. Even this morning it said it was cancelled again but here we are. It looks like I’m going to get through and able to get on my way.”

Just because the skies and runways were clear Wednesday morning didn’t mean it was completely back to normal. After all the flights were cancelled Tuesday, Bradley had to wait for plans to get here to pick up passengers to leave again.

“Driving in we noticed there are no planes here. There’s nothing sitting out at the gates. I actually expected ten times as many people here trying to rebook from the last two days,” said Christopher Millea, a traveler.

Even once the flights did start taking off, some travelers found the headaches didn’t stop.

Harry Brady told 22News, “I’m heading to fort Myers to Naples to go on vacation. Looking at this, I changed my flight today, now they’re telling me I might be delayed. They’re offering me 500 dollars to get off the flight. I’m trying to decide what to do.”

Bradley seemed to be less busy Wednesday morning than it was Monday morning, when travelers were scrambling to board earlier flights before the storm. A lot of the re-booking could be done online or by phone from home, which means travelers don’t have to camp out in the terminals as they may have years ago.

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