Super Bowl Tickets: Buyer Beware

Super Bowl Tickets: Buyer Beware
Experts warn that fake tickets are a certainty as the Super Bowl nears.

PHOENIX, Ariz. (KPNX) Looking for Super Bowl tickets?

Experts warn that fakes are out there.

Some are so convincing that even ticket brokers get scammed.

Ticket Lobster owner William Furniss says there are a few key ways to spot a fake ticket.

“When they take a copy and perforate it, you will see the actual black marks in the copy from where they use a razor blade to cut the ticket, and you’ll know that’s a copy,” he explains.

Furniss says if you are meeting someone ask for their ID and take a picture of their driver’s license. Meet them at the bank and allow them to cash the check under their own name with their form of id so there is a paper trail. Make a hand written contract and take a picture of it with the id and also get a license plate number.


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