No jail for penis attacker

No Jail For Penis Attacker
California woman sentenced to probation after attempting to cut off her husband's penis with a pair of scissors.

(KMIR) A California woman who pleaded guilty to assault after attempting to cut off her husband’s penis using a pair of scissors won’t face jail time.

Virginia Valdez pleaded guilty Friday to the assault that took place in her Palm Springs home in December 2011.

Cesar Valdez says he and his wife were married more than 30 years.

“I’m a Vietnam veteran, I’m a Gulf War veteran I served in various capacities in enforcement agencies and I left unscathed, and yet I went home and then a horrific crime was perpetrated against me,” he said.

Virginia Valdez was sentenced to three years probation, 420 hours of community service and a 10 year restraining order.

Cesar believes he is also the victim of a double standard because of his gender and causing the case to be delayed.

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