Keeping up on supplies ahead of the storm

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP)– From snow blowers, to bread, to bottled water, Western Massachusetts is stocking up.

“Making sure there’s candles in the house, some flashlights, basic stuff like that,” Steve Makos from Chicopee, told 22News.

Irana Baranova, from Chicopee, said she is also stocking up. “Washer fluid, I got salts, everything that’s necessary for me to get through these next few days,” Baranova said.

By early morning, some folks had already overflowed their shopping carts with food, but the director of West Springfield’s Big Y Mike Messer told 22News storm preps for them are not just about they food.

“So we bring in a lot of rock salt, a lot of bottled water, snow scrapers, batteries, generators, lamps, flashlights, all that kind of stuff just in case the power goes out,” Messer said.

Cities and towns throughout the Pioneer Valley also spent Monday preparing for the storm making sure things like plow equipment were in working order. Department of Public Works trucks were loading up early with salt and sand supplies, which the superintendant of Holyoke’s DPW William Fuqua told 22News they should have plenty of to get through this storm, but may need to replenish after.

Fuqua also told 22News the challenge with this storm isn’t with supplies but rather with staffing, as they are expecting to be out plowing, salting, and sanding around the clock for two days. He said outside contractors will be rotated through the overnight hours to allow city workers time to sleep. “Their work will primarily again be, again, to keep the streets passable for ambulances, fire trucks, if they need to get into the neighborhoods,” Fuqua said.

He also said you can do your part to help snow removal crews do their job, by minding parking bans, and only going out on the roads when absolutely necessary.

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