How to handle tricky travel weather scenarios

Keeping track of inclement weather can end up saving you time and money

(CNN) – Some of the nation’s key airline hubs are in the path of the current, massive winter storm: Boston, New York, Philadelphia, even affecting some operations in Baltimore and Washington.

Just because you’re not traveling to or from the northeast, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be paying attention. Cancellations and delays in one of the stricken cities could leave your aircraft or crew stranded.

No matter where you’re headed or connecting check with your airline before you head to the airport. The major airlines have issued guidelines on how to reschedule travel, and waivers of change fees, even if a flight hasn’t yet been cancelled. Doing homework ahead of time could save you a night stranded.

Once at the airport, your mobile device is your best travel companion. While others crowd the counter to wait for time with an agent, you can map another itinerary, and book online.

If you do approach the counter, remember that you’re surrounded by hundreds of other passengers in the same situation. Stepping up with answers to questions about your cancelled flight, your destination, and your time frame can help an agent serve you more quickly, and being polite may put you on your way, more quickly.

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