Caught on Camera: Plane splashes down

Caught On Cam: Plane Splashes Down
Coast Guard video shows small plane run out of fuel, then splash down in the Pacific Ocean.

(NBC News) A pilot is lucky to be alive today after his single-engine plane ran out of fuel over the Pacific Ocean.

U.S. Coast Guard video shows the Cirrus SR-22 aircraft running out of fuel 253 miles northeast of Maui, Hawaii on Sunday.

The pilot was able to deploy the plane’s emergency parachute and glide down to safety.

Once out of the plane, the pilot was also lucky enough to be rescued by a Holland America cruise liner that was nearby at the time.

Cirrus is the only aviation company to have a parachute system as standard equipment on all its models.

Coast Guard officials say that four hours after the incident another small plane carrying four people also ran out of fuel and crashed off the coast of Hawaii.

The plane was flying from Kauai to Oahu. All four people were rescued by helicopter and taken to Coast Guard Air Station Barbers Point near Honolulu.

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