Bodycam shows shooting

Bodycam Shows Shooting
Oklahoma police officer's shooting of fleeing suspect questioned.

(KFOR) Bodycam footage showing a recent police shooting in Muskogee, Oklahoma has sparked criticism of the officer’s actions.

Walking up to the suspect Terrance Walker, the Muskogee police officer begins to search the suspect for weapons. In just a few seconds, the situation escalates to violence as the suspect attempts to strike the officer with an elbow and takes off running.

“From everything we can see in the video, the officer responded appropriately,” says Muskogee police Sgt. Mike Mahan.

The video slowed down shows the suspect drop something on the pavement. It’s hard to see exactly what. Police claim it was the suspect’s handgun. As the suspect turned to run, the officer fired five shots.

Attorney Jason Lowe says some may question the officers use of force.

“There’s no justification for a police officer to shoot a fleeing suspect unless he feels his life is in danger,” he says.

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