Super bowl stadium upgrade

180--thousand led lights - clustered together in 12 groups

Photo Courtesy: NBC

ARIZONA, (NBC) – With the big game just one week away, crews in Arizona are putting the final touch on the stadium for the super bowl. Included in the upgrade, faster internet and l-e-d lights.

Joe Casper told NBC, “They’re gonna see a total new perspective of this lighting.”

–is where Joe Casper’s babies watch the game. “You can go ahead and touch these lights and see how very cool they are.”

180–thousand led lights – clustered together in 12 groups. Almost no heat – energy efficient. It’s the first time a super bowl will be played under all led lights.

Joe Casper told NBC, “You can do a chase through here, you can do a wave, you can do a paparazzi. We actually reduced the amount of glare in here for the players and for the fans.”

University of Phoenix stadium wanted those lights in preparation for super bowl week. The plan was to upgrade their lights – and a lot more. Now fans will have fast wifi – and a better cell signal. By some estimates fans will upload a terabyte’s worth of photos – videos and status updates during the games. That’s about 166 hd 2-hour movies.

Joe Casper told NBC, “Everyone wants to be connected, we we see huge spikes at the beginning of games, at kickoff at half-time.”

All of it – is supposed to be seamless. So when the lights come up on Sunday – you’ll never know Joe was here.

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