Miss Universe Pageant preview

You can see who becomes the newest Miss Universe right here on NBC

Photo Courtesy: NBC

(NBC) – Miami plays host to the Miss Universe Pageant Sunday night on NBC.

Roxanne Vargas talked to the woman whose reign is about to end, and one of the women who’s hoping to assume the crown.

Gabriela Isler told NBC “This is the kind of moment I will have in my memory forever, because I was so confused, I was so excited I couldn’t’ hear what was happening in that moment.”

Gabriela Isler was the seventh Venezuelan to win the Miss Universe crown for her country. “It was a beautiful moment for me and for my country so it was wonderful.”

26 year old Isler has worn the sash and crown for 14 months touring the world. Using her title she launched the miss universe cordaid fund to implement programs to help women and children. She supported aids research and education as well.

Reigning Miss USA Nia Sanchez, one of the 88 contestants vying for that promotion here in her country. “Well, I’m excited to be here because I’ve never actually been to Miami and I’m the home country girl so I’m excited to get to experience something new while also welcoming all the other contestants to my country, so I get kind of the best of both worlds, but I’m excited get the culture, the vibe, the food.”

That’s exactly what Miss Universe, Gabriela Isler loves about the pageant happening here! “I just get Venezuelan food the night before and I’m excited because Doral is a Venezuelan community. The mayor is Venezuelan too, so I feel homey. It feels for me like home. It feels like the people are so kind, so friendly. I feel I can have Venezuelan food in the corner, that is great! For me its home. The Latin culture and everything. A perfect place for me to give my crown.”

You can see who becomes the newest Miss Universe Sunday night, beginning at 8PM, right here on 22News.

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