Officer shows child playful side in SWAT situation

It’s all caught on video by another SWAT officer

REYNOLDSBURG, OH (CNN) – Earlier this month police say Juan Hamilton took off during a traffic stop.

Officers tell me they smelled marijuana in the car in the century city apartment complex. A few days later, the SWAT team searched Hamilton’s apartment. He wasn’t there, but a family was. Officer Rob Campbell reached out to this young girl inside visibly shaken from the incident, “You should be a singer. Up top. Nice job. Good work. Good work!”

The fun doesn’t stop there and it’s all caught on video by another SWAT officer.

“Here an officer comes in. He’s dressed in tactical police gear. He looks unapproachable. Yet he takes the time to sit down and sit beside this child on the couch and interact with the child on her level,” said Lt. Ron Wright.

Police eventually arrested Hamilton. They say it’s one of two positives to come from this case.

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