YouTube stars to interview President Obama

YouTube and the White House say they'll also talk about initiatives

NEW YORK (CNN) – YouTube favorites known for swallowing cinnamon and applying makeup will soon have a new title, presidential journalist.

No, you won’t see “David after Dentist” asking if this is real life, but you will see three YouTube stars asking about real life and they will be directing their questions towards president Obama.

“Hello this is Glozell. Is you okay? Is you good cause I wanted to know.”

This is called the cinnamon challenge by Glozell and her big behind earrings. And this woman jamming a ladle of a spice into her mouth, believe it or not, will be interviewing president Obama tomorrow at the White House and so will Bethany Mota, “Hey guys, what are you doing in my room?!” She’s a California teen perhaps best known for dishing advice on hair, makeup, fashion, and DIY projects, “So lately I’ve just been like buying little things and doing little DIY projects.”

Also joining the ranks of presidential interviewers, alongside names like Murrow and Jennings and Brinkley is Hank green, he’s part of the brother duo Vlogbrothers, “We’re starting to look at topics more off the beaten path, we’ve just started anatomy and physiology.”

The Vlogbrothers have a collection of 26 YouTube channels about science, education, and more. So you’re probably asking yourself why? Why is the president meeting with these stars of YouTube to chat about the top concerns facing them and their audiences? Well it’s not all that complicated, really, Glozell’s super sized cinnamon challenge was viewed 42 million times on YouTube. Her channel on the site has more than three million subscribers and claims a half a billion clicks. She’s the self described queen of YouTube.

Bethany Motha’s channel has more than 8 million subscribers she’s amassed more than 600 million clicks since joining in 2009 and the Vlogbrothers? 890 million clicks, “My subscribers want to know about, education, the lack of jobs, racial profiling, that’s a good one.”

Some in the White House press corps, like CNN’s own Jim Acosta, have some questions about tomorrow’s YouTube live stream, “I’m just curious was ‘Charlie bit my finger’ or ‘David after dentist’ not available?”

While the White House press secretary claimed to be unfamiliar with David after dentist, a viral smash, He did seem to suggest to the room full of reporters from an apparently bygone era of television, radio, and printed words on dead trees, that the interwebs is the future dummies, “This is part of an integrated communications strategy to make sure the American people understand exactly what the president’s fighting for in Washington, D.C.”

YouTube and the White House say they’ll also talk about initiatives the president put forth in last night’s state of the union. No word yet if the president will take part in the cinnamon challenge.

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