Snowmobile riders are eager for more snow

Heavy snowfall is a source of celebration

HUNTINGTON, Mass. (WWLP) – 22News Storm Team Meteorologist Brian Lapis reports that a foot and half of snow fell on Huntington so far this season.

It is far less than the kind of snowfall 80-year-old Ted Porter of Worthington recalls during many previous winters and one in particular. He said, “The blizzard of ’76, we went to Boston, stayed a whole week. That was the kind of winter that year.”

Heavy snowfall is a source of celebration, when people who live on the hills can enjoy their snowmobiles in style. Something that snowmobiler Samantha Bernier of Huntington craves for this winter. She said, “I hope we get more snow because it’s something enjoyable to do.”

Lisa Connell, the editor of “Country Journal,” said, “More snow would be great; have a nice snowfall, puffy snow, some nice sunshine that would be great; nighttime snowmobiling, real nice.”

Until those ideal conditions materialize, a soggy snow cover and thick layers of ice will keep many snowmobiles off the trails. However, as some Huntington residents remarked, there’s still time, the winter is still young.

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