Officers hurt trying to subdue knife-wielding man

One officer received a cut on his hand, another was hurt when he fell off the station's platform

Photo Courtesy: Thinkstock

WILMINGTON, Mass. (AP) — Two police officers were injured trying to control a knife-wielding man allegedly threatening commuters at Wilmington’s train station.

Police responded to the station at about 3:30 p.m. Wednesday and found that two people had locked themselves in their vehicles after they were approached by the suspect, described as “visibly agitated.”

The man also allegedly slashed tires on two cars.

Officers were involved in a 25-minute standoff with the man, identified as 28-year-old Seth Mather, of Maynard. Pepper spray and so-called “sponge rounds” failed to subdue him. An off-duty officer used a Taser to control Mather.

One officer received a cut on his hand from the knife, while another officer was hurt when he fell off the station’s platform.

Mather is scheduled to be arraigned Thursday on charges including attempted murder.

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